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    8 year ban?

    Yep, these types of bans can be interesting. Had this one happen last year which resulted in a 10-year ban for the offender. Former official hit with 10-year ban for pitch invasion protest
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    Mass melee - fan footage

    Yep, it can be a problem. My association in Australia has 3 options (Fluoro yellow, Black, and the deep/baby blue), but list the yellow one as our Primary, so I do know there is one club where their home kit is a deep yellow, so for junior games (where the referees will most likely only own the...
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 6 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

    4/5, but to be fair, I haven't had to do a penalty shootout before
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    Today might be the final game

    Yes, I think this is a good way to do it as well actually. This season was my first season refereeing (Level 4 in Australia, which is... I dunno, probably like way down like 8 or something in the UK). My first weekend (2 games on AR with the same middle referee) I was feeling a bit out of my...
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    Replacement GPS Watch

    Yes, I use series 3 and RefSix. Basically, this is my first season. Didn't feel comfortable with pulling the tech out on my first weekend, but found it too fiddly pulling a notepad out for every goal (there was a lot of goals), when I had something on my wrist that was just two presses. I still...
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    Another penalty...

    Funny, I was reading about penalty procedure today in my handbook (particularly around feinting in a penalty shootout I watched) As above, that's the only thing I can find. "If, before the ball is in play, one of the following occurs: * The player taking the penalty kick or a team-mate offends...
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    How to restart play after offside?

    Amazing what that does for any sport tbh. I know it's not football, but a guy I went to uni with was in the NRL (rugby league) referee academy, and I would spend a bit of time with him studying and reading and what-not. I remember being shocked at coming to the conclusion that if on a really...
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    Offensive language on a football pitch

    Why was that harsh?
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    Penalty decision

    Why come for advice if you're just going to be mocking the advice given to you?
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    TOT V NEW (not another one)

    Especially in England, I didn't expect that to be a new thing over there. Back when I was playing youth football here in Australia, my club got a few guys from around Swindon (well, the one I'm mainly talking about was from Swindon at least) for the senior team, and one became the Assistant...
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    Double Header Appointment.

    Yep, frequently have to double headers as in the lower leagues here, and masters league, we only get appointed as centre referee's, very rarely with linesman. So I've had 9am K.O on my own, followed by 11:00 K.O on my own on a Sunday morning pouring down rain as one example
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    GK injury

    Made me think back to this incident (1:30)
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    Inconsistent Shirt design

    Lets try to think about how Australia's early 1990's spew kit was handled: Because of the way it was made, every single shirt had an inconsistent design
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    Yes, I had an issue like this in one of my first games. I started bringing the wall back, and had pointed at my whistle and told the kicker to wait for my whistle. As I was walking the wall back, he took the kick (and scored), and the defenders argued that he already took the kick and started to...
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    Australian A-League Grand Final

    Yes, that was another one that I was a bit surprised with. Maybe because he brought it back down quickly, and the referee knew it would be a second yellow, he turned a blind eye..
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    Australian A-League Grand Final

    Ah, of course, why didn't I think of checking The World Game smh I agree with you though. It was one of those goals where when I saw the VAR Check come up during the replays, I was wondering what for, but as soon as they showed the footage from behind the goal, I knew exactly what was up. It's...
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    Australian A-League Grand Final

    I'm looking for video footage online to post for those who aren't watching, but starting to be a bit of controversy over a goal disallowed by VAR, applying this law in bold: Offside offence A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched* by a team-mate is only...
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    Taking a knee

    My association has basically said don't stop players from doing it if they want to do it, but for match officials, to advise against it as they don't want a situation that apparently happened in Melbourne where the referee forced all players to do it
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    Yes, we are in the same boat here in Canberra. Re-started this weekend after a few weeks of trial matches being allowed in Queanbeyan (over the state border back into NSW for those who aren't familiar with convict state boundaries) Change rooms at the ground I was this weekend were being used...