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    Australian A-League Grand Final

    I'm looking for video footage online to post for those who aren't watching, but starting to be a bit of controversy over a goal disallowed by VAR, applying this law in bold: Offside offence A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched* by a team-mate is only...
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    Garforth Town v Bridlington

    Would have posted this earlier, but haven't been on the ol' computer. Found this quite interesting
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    Brisbane Roar v Western Sydney Wanderers

    So, now there's this dilemma in Australia that got picked up as to why isn't this a handball
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    Adelaide United v Western Sydney Wanderers

    So, I'm trying to find the right videos to attach because they don't seem to be in the same highlights package, but found these couple decisions interesting. In this video, about 30 seconds in, it shows a fouled player lash out by kicking out at the offending player, no sanction for EITHER...
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    Smart Watch Match Reporting

    Bumped an old thread (Sorry @Ross , used to forums where people get angry if there's another thread about a similar topic and it's not bumped) Basically just wanted to ask those who do use smartwatches in game, which app do you find best? RefLive, RefSix, or something else? My wife spoiled me...
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    Laws/Rules that you didn't know existed until becoming a referee

    So, I've finally started my journey by doing my associations LOTG quiz prior to doing the training course. Interesting thing that I never knew until today: If a match is extended because of a penalty being awarded (I'll use Italy v Australia in the 2006 World Cup as an example, penalty awarded...
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    Incorrect awarding of a corner

    So, as I have mentioned in another post or two, I have not yet become a referee, but am looking to do so in the Australian grassroots offseason. As such, I'm sort of going through my memories of times when I've thought a referee has made the wrong call, and wanted to discuss such instances...