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  1. deusex

    Luiz headbutting Jiminez

    I forgot to post this at the time but it just popped back into my head when I realised Jiminez is still injured. Why are you allowed to launch yourself head first into an opponent's head and put them in a hospital bed? With any other part of your body we're all agreeing this is a red card. You...
  2. deusex

    County Recommended punishments for discrimination cases

    Is there guidance for County FAs on recommended sanctions for discrimination cases?
  3. deusex

    Bournemouth spit their dummy out

    BBC News - Bournemouth: Cherries ask Premier League to investigate alleged comments made by official Amazed at the hypocrisy of this. How can ANY team have a moan when the ref gives them a bit of stick?
  4. deusex

    Safeguarding Course, why am I paying?

    So I won't be allowed to register next year without attending a Safeguard Training course... fine. The course fee is £25. I can't help but feel the FA should be picking up the tab for this. With the money in the game I'm astonished actually. I already pay (too much) for registration every year...
  5. deusex

    Melbourne City vs Western Utd penalty & RC

    Just a poor decison IMO. Once given in must see a RC but interesting that that's a red card but had he just wiped him out it wouldn't have been.
  6. deusex

    Manchester City v Foxes

    GK tackle on Barnes. Pen? Free kick and a YC anywhere else on pitch. In fairness it is consistent with standard EPL practise which is Once you get your shot off ANYTHING goes! Can anyone recall an EPL pen given for a foul after a shot?
  7. deusex

    Shalke keeper red card

    4 game ban!!!!! Should have been 15! I challenge you to find me a more dangerous tackle in 2019. What on earth were the German FA thinking?
  8. deusex

    I found him... LWR!!

    I finally found the IDIOT that makes every team in my county think saying "leave it" is an offence. I thought he was a myth!! He gave free kicks on occasions players were telling their team mates to leave it without an opposition player within 20 yards! Painful to watch. Didn't caution for any...
  9. deusex

    Che vs Ajax

    Although all criticism of all refs is forbidden according to some on here, here goes... That handball call is bad enough, to caution for it is just an awful, awful shout. ALL handballs are cautions now apparently!!
  10. deusex

    Any Ipswich refs?

    ..cos I want to know if this standard of thuggery is normal :eek::eek: Good to see a ref that's happy to let players try and break each other's legs. He was a disgrace really.
  11. deusex


    Super ref Michael Oliver continuing his fine habit of refusing to caution early doors. Both Kompany and Laporte free to commit another tactical foul 2nd half. Top game management 🙄
  12. deusex

    Utd v Chelsea

    Anthony Taylor is not having the best day. Reckon he's failed to caution six reckless challenges and both teams should be town to 10. Everything else has been fine but his has been far too leniant with the cards.
  13. deusex

    Weak, weak referees in my league

    For anyone that doesn't know I've gone back to playing whilst I still can. I've got to see a lot more referees this way and one thing I now understand is why my card count was so high when I used to ref on this league. I was cleaning up after other referees failed to do their job. The referee's...
  14. deusex

    Ryan Ledson Horror Tackle (2013)

    This is from 2013 but popped up on my YouTube suggestions and I'd never seen it before: Obviously I'm gonna disagree with any foul here cos, as you can see him telling the ref, he got the ball... All joking aside, what a dirty b***ard. Any Preston fans on here?
  15. deusex


    Oh dear, I simply cannot see what the AR thinks has happened. Ref needed to be waving that flag down. Rest of this match must have been fun :/
  16. deusex

    WOL v LIV goal kick procedure

    Anyone see this in the 18 minute? Referee appeared to order a retake after the wolves attacker closed down the defender who had received the short goal kick, but in doing so cut through the penalty area to get to him, before the ball was in play. I'm fairly confident this is not an offence
  17. deusex

    James Folkes Red Card Vs Worthing 8/12/2018

    Oh dear... Also never seen a referee retreat so far. Caution time long before I'm retreating that far
  18. deusex

    Hatfield Town v Buckingham Town - Red Card Incident

    "Got the ball ref"
  19. deusex

    Are we being far too generous to England players?

    I prob wouldn't dare post this on my FB but despite them being lauded as heroes by the press does anyone else think we were a bit......crap? Don't get me wrong I lost my **** when we won that shoot-out, what a moment, but that game should have been put to bed an hour earlier. Also Southgate's...