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  1. RegalRef

    Level 5 Secured :)

    Good luck pal :)
  2. RegalRef

    Level 5 Secured :)

    No mate. Changed jobs middle of last year and i’m working so hard it’s unreal. 12-14 hour days most days so even weekday evenings are precious. To be honest with that and a broken foot i’ve probably only done a handful of games in the last 3 months. Have fun though!
  3. RegalRef

    Level 5 Secured :)

    Thanks pal. It does get easier I promise. Just take it steady, don’t rush yourself and get your experience.
  4. RegalRef

    Level 5 Secured :)

    Had confirmation I had successfully been promoted to Level 5 today, well chuffed. That’s me done for promotions now though :)
  5. RegalRef

    First Assessment of new marking season

    I try to look at things objectively, and ultimately, he's right whether it's in the LOTG or not. If assessments were all about law and law only not only would it be very dull and contain little or no development, but we would also be expect to score 100% as a minimum every time. I'm grateful...
  6. RegalRef

    First Assessment of new marking season

    Tidy up throw in signal, player receiving treatment turn to face the remainder of the field quicker (I did do that, but not immediately), during first caution although I told player to stand up twice he did bend over a third time while I was writing and talking, which I must've missed.
  7. RegalRef

    First Assessment of new marking season

    Had my first 6-5 assessment (sorry, observation) today. Saturday cup semi, NAR's, went to extra time and pens :cry: Observer picked out some useful minor development points, although only minor. All seemed to go very well from my point of view, he seemed happy, just waiting the report now...
  8. RegalRef

    Blank Card Skins

    Sorry to resurrect a thread from the dead, but I had a massive brainwave with these. Bought some of that clear sticky back plastic film used to cover books and things, £1 a roll from Tesco. Cut it into squares the right size for my plastic red and yellow cards and hey presto - works a treat...
  9. RegalRef

    Man Utd vs Bournemouth

    He's had a tough one there for sure. Didn't help himself, but we've all been there.
  10. RegalRef


    Break the game into 6 15 minute sections. If you make a mistake that's bothering you, mentally bury it at the end of that 15 minute period and move on. Think about how you want to control the next 15 minute period when it starts. Other than that smile, enjoy it and attempt to exude confidence.
  11. RegalRef

    Red Cards

    6 from 24 middles so far.
  12. RegalRef

    Where's my FIFA badge?

    So today I broke new ground, took a step up in the world and refereed a game over the boarder in Wales. Wrexham U19 v Morecambe U19. So I guess now I'm an international ref with my name on the FIFA list and waiting my invite to the 2018 World Cup? :D:D:D
  13. RegalRef

    Arab Oil v Russian Gas

    I got that, and have to say I thought it quite clever. I am puzzled why somebody would want to change it though...?
  14. RegalRef


    'He showed some yellows then....dum dum dum....a red' The rascal! Have him dealt with @SM :D
  15. RegalRef

    Arab Oil v Russian Gas

    Why do you want to change the thread title?
  16. RegalRef

    Junior/Youth Two very different halves

    If I genuinely think I've got something wrong that has potentially influenced the outcome of the game, I try to use it as motivation to work harder, for the next 20 minutes at least. An extra yard in the sprint, covering more ground, generally sharpen up. Helps in a number of ways - you...
  17. RegalRef


    What's your point? :p Even better if the ref says to AR's before the game 'take the right backs today lads' :D
  18. RegalRef

    Horrible Little B*stards

    Was the same misconduct reported by the officials, or was it stand alone from an observer?
  19. RegalRef


    In answer to the OP, there are many variables. If the pitch is privately owned, often whoever owns it will make the initial call. If it's blindingly obvious somebody will decide pretty early. It's the others that are down to you... I would say have a good look everywhere (not just the obvious...
  20. RegalRef

    Open Age Calling players over

    In fact reminds me of an unusual situation last week. Player goes in for a reckless tackle in the centre circle, nailed on caution. 'Yes please Yellow 8'. A further whistle blow and warning and he comes over trying to convince me otherwise. As I start to explain why he was to be cautioned be...