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    Man U v Villa

    Yet another great example of why (I'm a massive fan of VAR myself) VAR does not really seem to function that fantastically in the PL. For once, I think two clear and obvious cases were missed. Oliver gives PK for a trip on Pogba, although the contact is initiated by Pogba, VAR probably decides...
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    Sheffield United v BHA

    Lundstrom red, absolutely agree with it. At the same time, don't think I'd have seen/given it on my pitch. Nor am I too sure lower level players expect a red here.
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    Merseyside derby

    What do we make of that Pickford challenge? It's offside but that doesn't negate the absolute excessive way he goes in
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    Man City vs Chelsea

    Great example of what was discussed in a different thread: minute 70, Pulisic through on goal, gets fouled but advantage and barely misses an open net. No YC after the play though, should have been one
  5. J

    New goal kick trick

    Well lads(and lasses), your opinions on this? I feel it's clearly trickery and a direct result of why backpasses weren't allowed anymore as a result of time wasting being a distinct possibility. However, I'm unsure who to caution here if I am sure about the trying to circumvent the laws.
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    Polish game In this off-season, I often grasp every opportunity to discuss something. How do we feel about the teamwork here? Seems odd for the ref to come running across from 40 yards with the card in hand. I'd feel they should get this one correct in the first instance...
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    Anyone ever scored a goal?

    Well that's just unlucky, but what do we make of this? He had to be close to judge the goal/ no goal but I've never seen this before
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    Mass confrontation

    Hi all, for once I'd like to bring a positive note to these type of threads. Last Saturday, I had my first serious mass con. Never had one before as the leagues I work on are generally well behaved. However, minute 87 and Green 12 slides in with excessive force. Unfortunately, I had cramped up...
  9. J

    Snow is quite annoying

    Anyone abandoning here? Seems as though the pitch isn't up to scratch
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    Man U v PSG

    Highly debatable handball, but seems to be the way FIFA is headed in terms of the LotG. Skomina has given those before. Personally really disagree. Also AR2 was especially impressive, and Skomina is still incredibly highly skilled
  11. J

    Encroachment or not? Well, I'm not sure officials even care about encroaching anymore. I don't think the referee even sees the strike at this point
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    Heddersfield v Citeh

    After an uneventful first ten minutes, I can fathom how Marriner hasn't given the Kongolo foul on Sterling. Probably won't matter after Danilo scored one helluva lucky goal, but still.
  13. J

    Man U v Arsenal

    Feisty affair so far with five yellow cards in about as many minutes. Do we reckon the Rojo tackle was a red?
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    Interesting call in Norway

    So what do we make of this? Have you ever given a penalty and then a yellow for embellishment?
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    Juventus vs Madrid

    Half expected this thread to be there already since I've seen some (Man U) based outrage online that Dybala didn't get a straight red for his tackle, as compared to Nani five years ago. Personally, I agreed with Cakir back then and now as well. How does everyone feel about both tackles...
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    Kicking the ball to a player's head while in play

    What do you all make of this? I'm not sure how to punish this, if at all, without losing all credibility. Looks wrong though.
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    Penalty or not In the above link, I think this one is incredibly difficult to decide at first glance. Ref + VAR didn't give a pen, but there's some controversy here. What do you all think?
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    DOGSO mess up

    Well, here it goes. My first post here and I've already become last week's ref. My first couple of games went by smoothly and my assessor keeps on providing me with very useful information regarding my postioning and communication with the players. Improvement does show and that's what I'm glad...
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    New club ref

    Hi guys, I'm a referee from the Netherlands who's recently completed his course but has already been a ref for a few years. Always thought I knew the Laws extremely well until I had to make a test :) Anyways, I'm liking the forum already