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  1. Tino Best

    France v West Germany 1982

    Watched this yesterday and I noticed that on the penalty kick during the game there was no encroachment from any one. It looked weird, and when did it become illegal to stcop wearing jewelry?Watching old football there are lots of chains being worn in the 80s
  2. Tino Best

    Are you putting that through ref?

    Been reffing for 4 seasons and have been asked about this on several occasions always on youth games never at OA. I have always thought it is just teams trying to pull a fast one. I have now changed my mind. Last week blues v reds U18s 3 cautions 1 C2 sin bin and 2 c1 aa to 2 players who squared...
  3. Tino Best

    ref shortages

    I see that one league has complained that it has had to cancel 4 games due to lack of available refs. our friends at ref support have become involved although to their credit they have not named the league. just a general question are there shortages in your areas? i know there is in Suffolk.
  4. Tino Best

    ref seeing red

    On Sunday I sent off a player for DOGSO. Turns out he is a ref. Can you ref if suspended from playing?
  5. Tino Best

    uncontested drop ball

    Is it me or a players having more issues with this than any other law change. I had to stop for pink player due to a head injury, and pinks had possesion. Re-start with an uncontested drop ball. Tell the nearest red players it is uncontested and they start to retreat. Pinks attack the goal while...
  6. Tino Best

    Youth Tournament

    Just had confirmation about reffing a youth tournament for a company called Precision Pass. Anybody worked for them before and have any feedback? Also I am doing the Norwich one on the 11th of May are there any east anglia refs doing it as well?
  7. Tino Best

    Is the yellow rescinded?

    Found this on the Guardian it is a paragraph from the roma atalanta match report. Well, actually what happened first is that the Slovenian got booked for diving: the referee Gianpaolo Calvarese believing that he had taken a dive on his way into the area. That decision was corrected after a VAR...
  8. Tino Best

    Can't Wait I can't wait for the first attempt at this at grass roots level it could cause a few chuckles.
  9. Tino Best

    Look the part

    I did an under 9 game today as a favour and I made sure I was properly kitted out but at the same time there was an under 13s game going on and the FA appointed ref was in a track suit. He also allowed players to wear hoodies as well which is exceptionally bad. Whether I am doing OA football or...
  10. Tino Best

    No bottle from the FA

    Just heard on the radio that the game where the ref was chased and kicked in the Turkish league in London none of the players are getting punished. Boo to that local FA only banning the chairman and no players is letting us all down. Poor decision
  11. Tino Best

    Made me smile

    / Very funny clip and show his human side.
  12. Tino Best

    Stupid Things Players Say

    yellow pulls pinks shirt. I whistle. I didn't foul him ref. Yes you did you pulled his shirt foul all day long. Pulling a shirt isn't a foul ref. Large sigh from me.
  13. Tino Best

    How Many games will you turn down this weekend?

    On two already and not even Friday evening yet!
  14. Tino Best

    FA Youth Cup

    Just received an email today from the FA saying my county has nominated me for FA youth cup games. Well chuffed. I went up for nomination because there was no reason not to but I didn't think I was going to get it. Not going for promotion, a card happy level 7 ref and not in the academy so was...
  15. Tino Best

    RIP Ernie Hunt

    Just watched Ernie Hunts brill free kick which won goal of the season. The move was then banned by FIFA. What was the reason for it being outlawed?
  16. Tino Best

    Junior/Youth Summer tournaments.

    I did a 2 day festival last weekend which included girls U14 and boys U11s and boys U12. There were 7 refs for the weekend, 2 senior refs I was one of them and 5 very young refs. We had 1 11 year old sent off for saying F******g C*** to a ref. Several of the young refs being abused by coaches so...
  17. Tino Best

    ref vs CAR

    On Saturday I bumped into a coach who my son used to playfor I have known him years and reffed his team on numerous occasions. I was just about to go off to my game and him the same. He told me a story which left my chin on the floor. My friend coaches U15s so never has any parents to run the...
  18. Tino Best

    Trying to find a league on WGS

    Hi Guys, I reffed a game between University of Suffolk v University of Greenwich, but I cant seem to find the league on WGS. I was told the league was south east university league but using key words such as university and south east I cant find anything which comes close. I need to submit my...
  19. Tino Best

    Cold Weather

    Anybody else couldn't feel there toes by the end of Saturdays games!? Just had my first postponement. The ground isn't frozen but its snowing so the coach called it off. Its not settling enough for postponement in my opinion but I got the text before I had even got up.
  20. Tino Best

    Junior/Youth Things you don't expect to hear

    I reffed 2 U18s teams on Sunday, one of them I had been on the line for in the summer and the other team I had reffed a few times when they were U16s last year. An exciting game spoilt a bit by the wind. Before the game I was speaking to a club official who remembered I had been on the line...