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  1. RegalRef

    Level 5 Secured :)

    Had confirmation I had successfully been promoted to Level 5 today, well chuffed. That’s me done for promotions now though :)
  2. RegalRef

    First Assessment of new marking season

    Had my first 6-5 assessment (sorry, observation) today. Saturday cup semi, NAR's, went to extra time and pens :cry: Observer picked out some useful minor development points, although only minor. All seemed to go very well from my point of view, he seemed happy, just waiting the report now...
  3. RegalRef

    Where's my FIFA badge?

    So today I broke new ground, took a step up in the world and refereed a game over the boarder in Wales. Wrexham U19 v Morecambe U19. So I guess now I'm an international ref with my name on the FIFA list and waiting my invite to the 2018 World Cup? :D:D:D
  4. RegalRef

    Horrible Little B*stards

    Had a game this morning, Yellow vs Green. Done both teams on a number of occasions, Green excellent team who win the league and all the cups they're in every season and play some quality football. Yellow very disrespectful to referees from the Manager down and generally a bit of a handful...
  5. RegalRef

    Discounted 2016/17 Nike Kit

    Found this site, £30 for the new shirt, £34 long sleeve, free delivery. Pretty fair I thought...
  6. RegalRef

    Trust your instincts

    Had a game this morning, taught a lesson that's easy to forget - trust your instincts. Game at a place I'm a regular, Community Football Centre very close to me where they have about 10 real good quality pitches, mixture of full size and various smaller pitches for various age groups of kids...
  7. RegalRef

    Can't help some people!

    Game this afternoon in the County Ladies League. Red v Blue/Yellow. Red far the better side, 5-0 up at half time. Away team moaning for every decision, stopping play at various times to wait for the smallest of free kicks, moaning at being hard done to (surprise surprise they were losing...
  8. RegalRef

    Last minute postponements

    Should have had a game today with NAR's. Game was 45 miles away, venue had changed twice this week, (after I had confirmed originally with assistants so had to arrange travel arrangements 3 times with them), was unable to take an afternoon game due to the travelling meaning I wouldn't be back...
  9. RegalRef

    The assessment game that had literally everything...

    Had a game yesterday, my third of 3 assessments. Finished Red 1-6 Blue, 7 yellows, one red, two penalties, a manager sent off, a substitution refused and a partridge in a pear tree. I knew it was to be assessed as the assessor is also the secretary at my RA, and he mentioned it at Tuesdays...
  10. RegalRef

    Know your competition rules...

    Was shown a video at a meeting recently that really drove it home... KNOW YOUR COMPETITION RULES!!!
  11. RegalRef

    Don't you just hate it when...

    You have a game where both goalkeepers have absolutely monsterous kicks. And the County Cup game you did yesterday went to extra time and penalties. My poor legs!
  12. RegalRef

    Refs sec's/Closed dates

    Just thought I'd gauge a little bit of opinion on here - feeling a little hard done by and wondering if I'm over reacting or have case to feel aggrieved. Either way I won't be doing anything about it for the obvious reason I don't want to burn my bridges, but I am a man of principal so here...
  13. RegalRef

    Anybody else not looking forward to the start of the season?

    I'm not. Although I'm not entirely sure why. Think I may have burnt myself out abit with the ridiculousness of the end of last season (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday x 2, Sunday x 2) for about 4 weeks. That and I've enjoyed the quiet time in terms of both free weekends and without the...
  14. RegalRef

    Blank Card Skins

    Any joy sourcing these @Ross ?
  15. RegalRef

    Best Hayfever Remedies

    Thankfully we're in closed season, of I'd be a refereeing mess about now surrounded by at the grass and trees on a pitch. I can't take the tablets because they knock me out...even the 'non-dowdy' ones. The sprays don't seem to work on me at all. Anybody got any good remedies that actually work?
  16. RegalRef

    Opinion on a colleagues assessment...

    I've mentioned before a colleague and good friend is trying to go 6-4 this season. He's had his first assessment through today and sent it across. I'm not going to post the full assessment on here as I've not asked him and it wouldn't be fair, but I've put one paragraph I picked out as seeming...
  17. RegalRef

    Angry Birds Movie

    Took my boys to see this today, as a treat for my eldest son's birthday. What pile of bird sh!t.
  18. RegalRef

    Next Season's Aspirations...

    So, as this season draws to a close and we all look forward to a much needed break... Aside from promotions, what 3 things would you like to improve about your refereeing in general?
  19. RegalRef

    Kicks from the Penalty Mark to decide a game

    Had a tricky one tonight - last middle of the season, cup semi. 1-1 after 90 mins, straight to penalties. Red team go first - miss. Next two score, comes to claret to go 2-1 up with two taken. Player comes over, I note number, tell him to go on the whistle, just like the others. Turn around...
  20. RegalRef

    A better look at the new Nike kit...

    Not a bad price either...