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  1. JamesL

    Rotherham V Sheffield Wednesday

    Unusual scenes at the start of this one. Ref ran off. Spoke to someone. Called captains in. Restarted. 2 mins later did the same and then took players off. Apparently due to a drone flying above the stadium.
  2. JamesL

    Ars V Shu

    What do we all make of the Luiz pull/hold? Seeing a lot of should be red on twitter - worlds going mad 😂 For me, I don't think it really has much impact on Burke's movement, but I would accept a foul. As for a sanction, I definitely don't think red. Mainly around control of the ball, he...
  3. JamesL

    TOT V NEW (not another one)

    Despite how much I hate it. Nailed on handball offence. Does football expect handball here, really?
  4. JamesL

    Freezing when typing posts

    Mods, this might be a single user/device issue but lately when I am replying to posts the text freezes, so I am still able to type, but what I have typed does not show, it appears frozen. I can either wait, and it catches up after a VERY long pause, I can refresh the page which may or not save...
  5. JamesL

    Fifa to take VAR off ifab?

    I really don't even know if/how this is possible?
  6. JamesL

    Man U v Bournemouth

    Anyone fancy a red for Lemar on Martial? Late, over stretching, contact on the knee, with studs up and straight leg. Maybe lacks the force, but certainly a dark shade of orange based on point of contact!
  7. JamesL

    What's wrong with this?

    What was wrong with this?
  8. JamesL

    Delaying the Restart

    Came across this online. What would you do?
  9. JamesL


    what do folks make of this? Allegedly the referee told Neymar not to showboat? On what basis does the referee have to tell a player how they should play the game, providing how they are playing the game is within the frameworks of the LOTG?
  10. JamesL

    Three card trick

    Thoughts on this folks. Good? Bad? Brave? Stupid? Not always a Fan of defensive third advantages but this one is definitely on. From there the defender is stupid to make the second foul. Thought the ref was brave, took a calculated risk and achieved the right outcomes.
  11. JamesL

    Throw in - spinning the ball

    There is nothing in law 15 about "spinning" the ball from a throw in, or am I going mad? In my game last night one team were complaining about the technique the other teams long throw specialist was using. However, in my view he was throwing the ball using two hands, delivering from behind...
  12. JamesL

    Spurs v Newcastle - guess what?

    Thoughts on the pen shout, Lascelles on Kane? Penalty for me. Can't believe a VAR check has let that one go...
  13. JamesL

    Man U v Barca

    Busy start. 2 YC offences let go early doors. Rocchi backed himself into a corner for young having moments earlier allowed Busquettes off with one. VAR overruled AR on offside for goal. The perfect VAR experience that was. Minimal delay.
  14. JamesL

    Decal Removal

    Anybody any experience removing Decal from A&H kit? I have a Cheshire badge on my kit that I want to take off and swap out with an FA badge instead but no amount of ironing appears to be having any effect!!!
  15. JamesL

    Interesting one...

    Thoughts on this: For context this is just a friendly between A team and reserves... but as a tactic in a real game?
  16. JamesL

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    Given that we make ladies take out hair grips, or both male and female remove festival bands with the plastic togs what are people making of the metal crimp's wan-bissaka seems to have in his braids? To play or not to play?
  17. JamesL

    Cornwall FA

    So, wife and I are making a massive life change and are moving to Cornwall in a few weeks. A very exciting change for us... Any refs on here from the South West?
  18. JamesL

    Man City v Shaktar Donetsk

    Just seen the penalty awarded to City... Unbelievable...
  19. JamesL

    Sold Polar V800 (blue)

    Evening folks, Due to upgrading to the new polar vantage series I will have for sale Polar v800 in blue. Included in the sale will be the polar h7 heart rate monitor. For obvious sanitary reasons the strap will not be included. These can be purchased for a very small amount from amazon...
  20. JamesL

    Young Boys v Man United (another HB thread)

    Any thought on the penalty awarded for HB offence? No offence for me.