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  1. Degnann

    Utd vs PSG

    Thoughts on the Fred yellow? ref looked at the screen for maybe 1 second then produced a yellow. surprised hes stayed on the park imo
  2. Degnann

    Man in the middle documentary

    Really looking forward to this
  3. Degnann

    Junior/Youth First Coach Dismissal

    Had a 2008 age group game today. Black vs Red Sent off red coach for OFFINABUS 4 minutes before half time. Clearly didn't agree with a decision I did not give his team. Refused to give me his full name. Some other person was there who advised he couldn't leave the pitch due to COVID and there...
  4. Degnann

    Adidas Short Sleeve - M/L

    Looking for any short sleeve M/L Adidas tops. fellow ref who passed the course same time as myself so would be sfa. badges can be added on later, find them difficult to get a decent price. thanks
  5. Degnann

    First games in the bag

    Done my first 2 11 a side games today. Just wanting to post with some self reflection and potential advice. First game was 2008 age group, second was 2007. Game 1 All in all no major troubles with this game. Young boys so lots of mouth. Ref this and ref that and giving it to each other. Only...
  6. Degnann

    We are back

    So happy this site is back 😭 who’d have thought it? Ross needs some explaining, unless it was just down for me.
  7. Degnann

    Ajax RC Ajax defender sent off. what we thinking?
  8. Degnann

    Rangers vs Dundee Utd

    Interested to hear opinions on this from actual refs and not fans/pundits. I won't give an opinion due to it being Scottish teams.
  9. Degnann

    Junior/Youth Finding Games (SFA)

    This may be easier for any fellow SFA refs, but how do you find friendlies to ref? see alot of chat about if teams know you etc but obviously don’t have that luxury as I’m not yet a member of leagues or anything. There isn’t any direct contacts that I’m aware of within the referee hierarchy...
  10. Degnann

    MLS Referee Mini Doc

    came across this on Reddit. the first part with the body cam I have seen previously but not the rest. Wasn't sure where to post this.
  11. Degnann

    Junior/Youth Anything other than 11 a side

    Apologies, if this has been discussed prior. Been asked to do a 9v9 game on the return of football. Is there major differences I should be aware of? Can't see things like yardage at FKs etc. Have found this from the SYFA but it appears different from my English couterparts. SYFA 9V9
  12. Degnann

    Passback restart

    Been trying to avoid making this but can’t seem to find an answer. player deliberately plays the ball to the keeper who proceeds to pick it up.IDFK. Nice and easy. now what if the now attacking team want to take the free kick quickly? Is this allowed? cant see anything in the laws about it...
  13. Degnann

    Player refusing to approach you

    If you ask a player to approach you, lets say in tbis occasion for a and they down right refuse to even going as far as saying no. would you be producing two yellows/red or a straight red. You may be able to argue that is still a gesture. I appreciate both result in the same action. Asking...
  14. Degnann

    Latest Deals Thread 20/21

    Since the new seasons will hopefully be starting soon. Thought it would be a good time to get a threads deal going so we can keep all the latest kit prices and accessories in one handy place. I'll try keep this thread upto date with latest prices and that, however some may change before I get...
  15. Degnann

    Villa vs Utd

    We could have a full thread on the man Moss himself. anybody else think thats not a penalty? I actually think its more foul to Villa.
  16. Degnann

    SFA embroidered badges

    bought a few from ebay before but no longer seem to be listed. just wondering if anyone here had one spare for sale? Thanks
  17. Degnann

    Championship 27/6

    Couple of talking points from todays games. Fulham already has a thread. Derby v Reading incident Luton vs Swansea madness
  18. Degnann

    GAL vs GFK

    Well thats something
  19. Degnann

    RA’ and lower levelled referees

    My RA have just released their calender of events for 20/21. Now out of those 12 months I only get to attend 2 regional training days. now this has me thinking, are all RAs the same? I hear alot of talk about needing more referees or new referees not sticking around. It seems to me like more...
  20. Degnann

    Visual Representation

    I am aware there is a lot of threads of people asking for which equipment people use etc. However seen as there's still a lockdown I am looking for photos of your equipment and what you use. I am quite a visual person and am new to refereeing so it would be good to get a look at what others...