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  1. Mike

    Dissertation Questionnaire - Gambling Accessibilty

    Evening guys I'm writing my dissertation and conducting research about gambling accessibility and advertising. If any of you (in the UK) bet and have a couple of minutes to spare to fill this out, or could share it with anyone relevant I would really appreciate it. All responses are fully...
  2. Mike

    Major League Soccer

    Right I have never been impressed by standards of officiating in America. Tonight I’ve had the misfortune of watching Kansas City V Columbus Crew (quite bored) Foul recognition is up there with what I’d be expecting from a newly qualified ref. CC had a player sent off via VAR in the first...
  3. Mike

    WRCFA Coloured Shirts

    Referee, Please find attached the procedure for match officials coloured Shirts which the Referees Committee has proposed and approved In short the procedure will be as follows, 1, BLACK to be worn on all games wherever possible 2, Yellow will be the first default colour 3, A Referee...
  4. Mike

    Scunthorpe V Millwall

    'Right then lads, we've got one team in light blue and one in white, with the keepers in orange and black' 'Guess we best wear the light blue shirts then' :eek:
  5. Mike

    'New' player behaviour rules

    As implemented jointly by the Premier League, FL and the FA. The fact that the BBC thinks all of these are totally new concepts worries me. :wall::wall::wall:
  6. Mike

    Champions League Final

    Congratulations to: Referee - Mark Clattenburg Assistants - Simon Beck, Jake Collin 4th man - Victor Kassai (HUN) AARs - Anthony Taylor, Andre Marriner Reserve AR - Stuart Burt
  7. Mike

    FA Cup Final Appointments

    Referee Mark Clattenburg ARs John Brooks and Andy Halliday 4th Neil Swarbrick Reserve AR Michael Salisbury
  8. Mike

    Whole Game System - HELP!

    So I've been attempting to add yesterday's cautions to WGS, never had a problem before. However, this time, as I click 'save details' on the match one of the team's boxes goes red (they are on the system) and it won't let me progress. Anyone experienced this before? Thanks in advance
  9. Mike

    Assistant Refereeing or landing a plane??

    Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet. Think he panicked a bit... Eventual outcome was a penalty :eek: ->
  10. Mike

    SG Promotion

    Graham Scott has been promoted to the Select Group (as a replacement for the retiring Foy). Wouldn't have been my choice if I'm honest, having seen him officiate on multiple occasions, but good luck to him anyway, and was always going to happen with the number of 4th official duties he had on...
  11. Mike

    This could be fun!

    Stevenage V Dagenham & Redbridge. Ball played through. Striker who is offside, runs through, gets about 1 metre away from the ball and goes to kick it (I think). He then stops and an onside player picks it up. Lino stands there with his flag up near halfway line. The ball is then played...
  12. Mike

    Junior/Youth That's a new one...

    U11 Cup QF this morning. Long ball played over the top to red striker. Keeper comes out and striker hesitates. Striker then hooks it to a blue player (awful touch) but the keeper absolutely clatters him. Free kick, edge of the box. Then comes the good bit. Keeper goes down and manager runs on...
  13. Mike

    Open Age First Fixture on the line...

    Making the step up to OA this weekend with a line in the Herts Senior League, with a view to doing them every other week (can't miss Stevenage :D) to gain some experience before picking up an open age whistle... Any tips or tricks for my first few games?
  14. Mike

    Junior/Youth Great...

    Was CAR on my brother's game for the first 4 minutes of extra time today, after lino #1 flounces. Last minute of normal time the ref correctly over rules a dodgy offside decision from 'our' club lino to make it 2-2. He hands the flag back and goes home. The game has been fairly physical all...
  15. Mike

    Interesting game

    So, I've only ever done up to U14 (although up to OA on the line), and have only ever had two County Cup matches (which didn't go too well... This afternoon I get an email sending me about as far away as is possible in Herts for an U16...
  16. Mike

    Junior/Youth One of those games

    That makes me question why the f*** I referee. Couldn't give the most blatant of free kicks without mass uproar. You can be running away from goal on the corner of the box and be sent off for DOSGO according to coaches... Oh and don't forget that every time a player gets tripped it's a dive...
  17. Mike


    Silly boy. (Although I can understand the desire to see Ed Sheeran, his music is decent)
  18. Mike

    Joining the RA

    I've finally taken the plunge after a little bit of persuasion! Anyone here from Harlow RA?
  19. Mike

    Touchline Baselayer

    Has anyone worn one of these ones? If so how tight/warm are they? Need a new one but not sure if I need to shell out a few more quid on an underarmour/skins.
  20. Mike

    Vanishing Spray

    Will be used in the Premier League next year, good step forward. I'm NEWSTASTIC today after my period of absence!