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  1. Richard smith

    Feeling rusty

    More than a little apprehensive here Hopefully will be back up to speed after a game or 2
  2. Richard smith

    Are you putting that through ref?

    Most definitely. 😀 we, as referees should always make sure that out match administration is done. Let your local league(s) do what they do in sorting out any issues you report
  3. Richard smith

    Referee affiliation

    I append my Registration number to all game related documentation, have done since I began refereeing
  4. Richard smith

    Hot and eventful Sunday!

    Not had to summon an ambulance to a football match but once had to call 999 to another sport where I was officiating.
  5. Richard smith

    Storm abandons game

    The league in which the game was played will need notifying of the abandonment and the reason for it. I had a weather related abandonment a few years back now and that's how I dealt with it to NO complaints whatsoever 😄
  6. Richard smith

    Returning from injury

    Welcome back. As has been posted previously do both a warm-Up and a cool down 😄 In my experience, the warm up should be !ong enough so to raise the heart rate and get the oxygenated blood to the muscles,preparing them for the vigorous activity they will endure in any given match situation The...
  7. Richard smith

    Pre season friendly

    Use the incident as a learning experience and use it to better yourself as a referee
  8. Richard smith

    Pre season friendly

    That should be reported you your CFA stating club and stance which you took. The above is my opinion on how the situation described should be dealt with. I know for a fact others will disagree 😄 PS Make your decision and sit I by it.
  9. Richard smith

    How long ref ?

    Ha Ha Ha One 😄😄😄
  10. Richard smith

    How long ref ?

    Tell the player that asks "how long Ref?" " young man, there is long enough left for you to score a goal "
  11. Richard smith

    A couple of things to watch out for ...

    I always vary my position I Am never in the same position i twice.
  12. Richard smith

    AR movement

    Side to side facing the FoP with flat fully visible to the Referee is my preference. Works for me but I am fully aware that it may not work for others
  13. Richard smith


    The course in Scotland that I did all those years ago, included a session where all the Paperwork was done :)
  14. Richard smith

    Becoming a Futsal Refereee

    There is up here in Jockland :) Looking to get onto the next one my Local RA Run
  15. Richard smith

    New Referee Advice

    I referee at the juvenile age grades, And I find the approach I have developed works for me I fully appreciate that my approach may not work for others and would encourage others to develop systems to deal with dissent that work for the individual
  16. Richard smith

    New Referee Advice

    On the Dissent issue, I use the ATC method. Ask Tell Card. I find it dissent is dealt with early, it does not become an issue later in the game. Each new referee will develop his own methods for dealing with dissent
  17. Richard smith

    New Referee Advice

    Try and stay calm, even when dealing with the issuing of cards. When I first started refereeing, that was the thing I had most difficulty with was the staying calm in pressure situations
  18. Richard smith

    Junior County Cup Final Dress Code

  19. Richard smith

    Over Celebration

    If the celebration is excessive. I'd be looking to Caution for delaying the restart :):)
  20. Richard smith

    Incompetent FA

    Plenty time to get to Euston for the 2100 to Manchester. the game will be done in 90 with City wining by 2 Goals IMHO (For what its Worth)