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  1. Richard smith

    Allan McGregor V Aberdeen

  2. Richard smith

    Games called off -----dealing with the Call offs

    I find myself getting frustrated at this time of year with the weather related Call Off's How do member's overcome that frustration ???????
  3. Richard smith


    Are There any Elite League Ice Hockey League fans out there in refchat land ??? If so, what team do you follow :):):)
  4. Richard smith

    It's Game day

    As it is game day, just thought I'd pop in and wish all those out on games today, safe travels and the most enjoyable of games :):):) Local amateur football for me Today, If the weather plays the Game :):):):)
  5. Richard smith

    Theresa May

    Theresa May has survived the vote of no confidence in her as Party leader :yawn: Where Does this leave Britain in a European Union Context?????????
  6. Richard smith

    Jurgen Klopp V Everton

    Have finally watching the highlights of Liverpool's dramatic win V Everton recently at Anfield recently 1 Question arises from the footage Will the stewards be sanctioned for running onto the pitch in the manner they did????? Surely they're movement towards the Liverpool fans Behind the goal...
  7. Richard smith

    Other Interests

    What other interests do members have I Referee Rugby and Motorsport marshal away from refereeing football My summer participation sport is cricket
  8. Richard smith

    Anyone qualified to Officiate another sport ???????

    Are there any members that are qualified to officiate in another sport???? If so, which sport is it
  9. Richard smith

    Scottish Members

    Have any of our Scottish members every officiated in the GeoSonics Lowland league???? If so, what are the impressions of the Standard of football????????? Took in Uni Of Stirling V Kelty Hearts in the above mentioned league on Saturday
  10. Richard smith

    DOMS (Delayed onset Muscle Soreness)

    Do any of the forum members have any specific tricks for dealing with DOMS??? I only ask as I have recently upped the training output, which has led to my thighs and hamstrings have becoming sore in the days following games & training sessions
  11. Richard smith

    Wayne Barnes Ire V Sco 2018 6 Nations

    How lax with his interpretation of the laws of the game of Rugby Union was Mr Barnes this afternoon in Dublin????????
  12. Richard smith

    New Boro Gaffer Tony Pulis

    What are the Member's thoughts on Tony's Appointment to the Gaffers post at the Riverside?????
  13. Richard smith

    Futsal LOTG

    Richard smith submitted a new resource: Futsal LOTG - LOTG FUTSAL Read more about this resource...
  14. Richard smith

    Law 12 clips Found this album of clip on Law 12 while searching vimeo the other day Hope some of the new referees find it useful in relation to understanding Law 12 (Fouls & Misconduct)
  15. Richard smith

    Glasgow Rangers FC

    Don't know if any of the members have been watching the situation develop in the you the Blue Half of Glasgow, but if any of you have, what are your thoughts on it Surely it comes close to bringing the game into disrepute!!!!!