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    My DBS is up before the end of the year. Do I source my own DBS checks and just send the certificate and send it to the CFA or do I have to go through the CFA and use a preferred provider? Thanks in advance
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    Just for fun

    Just come across this on Twitter. Firstly, is anyone giving a one here? Secondly, the score was West Ham 7-1 at the time of the penalty. Alvin Martin scores the penalty and become the only person to do what (a record that still stands btw)??? On another note. Interesting reaction from referee...
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    Interesting game....

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    Offside flag technique.

    Evening all. I'm on the line on Sunday, something which I've done 5 or 6 times now. I'm getting more of these appointments this year as I'm on The promotion scheme, previously I've only done lines in cup semis and finals. I try to pick up as much as possible from the more senior AR with me...
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    Leve 7 Exam

    Afternoon all. So I have my Level 7 - Level 6 exam next week. I've done some prep when I have chance, although with a full time job, 2 kids, playing other sports etc its not always easy. What should I expect?
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    That time of year

    It must be the end of the season. Game today was called off the night before as the away side couldn't raise a team. Tomorrows u21 match also been postponed now, also due to the away team unable to raise a team. I've picked up an u15 game instead (Don't usually do junior football) just because...
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    Added time

    3 goals, a substitution and injuries to Bailley (ankle) and Rashford (head). One minute of added time????
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    Schalke v City

    Pen 1: Deliberate handball??? Player was moving his arm to behind his back from a shot hit with full power. Crazy decision and as booking too. Pen 2: Excellent decision from the referee to award the pen. Rumours the attacker was offside but I haven't seen the replay
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    OA or Kids football

    So I'm sat in a supermarket cafe eating up some time in between matches today. It's very rare that I do kids football but I decided to do a u14 game this morning as my U21 fixture is in the afternoon and the Mrs and kids are at a rugby match. I got £5 less than I get in u21 and OA football and...
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    So Rafa wasn't happy last night that the equalising goal was scored 30 seconds after the the 'minimum amount of time to be added on by the referee'. Firstly, he made a substitution during added on time and secondly, the referee is in charge of time keeping. What I think he was eluding to...
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    AR pulls up injured

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    Added time

    Interesting match for me to watch today as City (my home town club) put 7 past Rotheram (where I work and whom loads of colleagues went along to support today, which is excellent for work tomorrow!). There were several substitutes, goals and a break for an injury in the second half, yet the ref...
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    Abuse towards referees.

    No surprise whatsoever.
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    Church League

    Very disappointing, especially in a Church league!
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    River v Boca

    The referee here deserves a medal. Every single time the play is stopped he is surrounded by both teams. Every tackle is accompanied by rolling around like they've been electrocuted. Every foul is followed by time wasting. It's exhausting to watch never mind ref! It makes the World Cup final...
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    WBA v Villa

    2 points. Firstly, clear handball for the late equaliser. Secondly, something I've never seen until today and wasn't picked up by the commentators and there were no complaints from the players. WBA player takes a quick throw in from a few yards behind the line. The ball actually bounces before...
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    Rather depressing article on the BBC website....