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    COVID-19 and Scottish Football

    Not I suspect without changes to the league rules. They could argue that they would have fulfilled the game with players that hadn't broken rules, or even the youth team who had been training separately, and would certainly argue that the government ordered the game to be called off, they...
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    Referee assaults

    Because there is the concept of "subjudice" and that applies to football disciplinary cases and the law of the land. Football can probably work around it, but you will never see the alleged victim of a serious assault speak to the media before a potential trial, and that is because the police...
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    COVID-19 and Scottish Football

    Unless they have amended the league rules to cover Covid related breaches I don't see that the SFA can do anything. Of course though the players could and arguably should be prosecuted for wilful breaches of law. Footballers in England have been pictured at BLM marches, or have said that they...
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    Referee assaults

    A referee speaking to the press after an assault is a really, really bad idea. I can see it affecting any FA charge against the player, but suspect it will make any successful criminal prosecution of him pretty much impossible. My thoughts are with the referee, but I think he has been really...
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    Socially distanced checking of equipment

    You don't check the subs leaving the changing room though, and often they won't even have their boots on, so they have to be checked coming on.
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    Passback restart

    Does it? It defines what a quick free kick it, but it doesn't say it is allowed and certainly doesn't say it is mandatory for the referee to allow it.
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    Passback restart

    I wouldn't criticise a referee for allowing it to be taken quickly if it didn't give them any problems. On the other hand if it led to their match control falling apart then of course I would be highlighting it and perhaps suggested they could have managed it much better. Generally speaking I...
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    Barca v Napoli Koulibaly foul

    Definite penalty and I was amazed it took VAR almost 5 minutes to get to that conclusion.
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    Refereeing guidance

    Weird as I spent a night in Falmouth on Wednesday and thought it was all quite sensible. Of course the roads are very narrow so people are forced close together, especially when vehicles are passing, but everyone seemed to be at least trying to stay apart as much as they could. I only spent an...
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    What to turn up in?

    This pandemic will change football in England forever and the massively outdated approach of turning up to senior games in suit, shirt and tie will be no more. Will be tracksuit going forward, even once the pandemic is finally over. And not before time, most people don't even go to work in a...
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    Refereeing guidance

    No, they are closing access when it starts to become too busy, not when it has become over crowded. I'm just back from a week in Devon and Cornwall and went to a few beaches, not to sunbathe rather just to see the area. On sunny days they looked packed from a distance, a bit like the photos in...
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    Brentford v Fulham

    Agree with that Brian, I'd want to see the referee explain why he thought it was "orange" and how I reported on it would come down to the referee's explanation in the debrief. That said, in my experience your gut feeling as a referee is usually right, and your gut feeling will be red or yellow...
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    Dislocated Knee

    Good luck with the recovery. Not as severe, but I dislocated my finger getting out of bed, which drew much hilarity when I gave it as my excuse for being late to work as I had to go to A&E (in my defence my little finger was pointing at right angles)
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    Undershirt rules at Sunday League level?

    As a referee observer, at grass roots I'd be looking to see how the referee tried to deal with it rather than marking him down for letting players wear wrong coloured undershorts. i.e. did he not even notice, or did he realise there was a problem and just le the game be played once he knew...
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    Player refusing to approach you

    Exactly that, and say it loud enough so that everyone on the pitch knows what is happening. Including his captain and manager as if they can see their player is about to be sent off they can only blame themselves if the inevitable happens and they did nothing to improve his behaviour.
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    I am of course wearing face masks in public indoor places, but there is no way I would wear a mask officiating as I find it really uncomfortable. Not even sure how comfortable I would be if I had to wear one for the full game sat in the stand observing, but time will tell with that I guess.
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    I can't really understand what has happened there. He flashed a very quick yellow card with no red, and it subsequently transpired that was for Ceballos, I think for calling for a caution. It then takes an age to show Kovacic his yellow and subsequent red, and the timing of all this seemed...
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    How much to charge for friendlies.

    It is normally the standard league fee but without any travel expenses, and if the teams are in different leagues you'd go for the lower of the two fees.
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    Refereeing guidance

    Same everywhere though, and the restrictions in the UK are far less severe that in many other countries. At least we are getting football back, but if people keep ignoring the guidance (they are actually rules and laws so I don't understand why we don't call them that rather than guidance)...
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    Refereeing guidance

    In which case we will still be in and out of lock down in 2 or 3 years time, unless they get a vaccine and the entire population vaccinated before then.