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    Getting Into Refereeing

    I’ve never seen CAR here nor any leagues that a level 7 would do that would even be able to do NAR. I would definitely be interested in running the line but would have no idea how to even get into it
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    US referees with colored socks?

    I own a red and blue pair of socks for if a team are wearing black to avoid any clashes. But as you say would still be black if avoidable
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    Player refusing to approach you

    I personally don’t think Riley done anything wrong here. He got Cole himself, sharp blast of the whistle to turn him around, card shown? unless I am missing something. are you suggesting a second yellow?
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    Player refusing to approach you

    We don’t do sin bins up here from what I’ve seen in any league. So it would definitely be a yellow/red scenario.
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    Player refusing to approach you

    If you ask a player to approach you, lets say in tbis occasion for a and they down right refuse to even going as far as saying no. would you be producing two yellows/red or a straight red. You may be able to argue that is still a gesture. I appreciate both result in the same action. Asking...
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    LOTG - where to buy?

    How much?
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    FA Decal

    If its robbiebloo then I’ve had no issues with him. Purchased 5 sfa iron on badges from him both through ebay and depop.
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    Latest Deals Thread 20/21

    Since the new seasons will hopefully be starting soon. Thought it would be a good time to get a threads deal going so we can keep all the latest kit prices and accessories in one handy place. I'll try keep this thread upto date with latest prices and that, however some may change before I get...
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    Jon Moss’ Boots

    Better than using someone else’s
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    Jon Moss’ Boots

    Could have been a gift from a friend, child, colleague. Who knows. The same thing could be said to the original poster. Isnt there bigger things to worry about than caring if someone has a nickname on their boots? Have already seen this photoshopped as “I’m mr.fantastic” and said to have been...
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    Burnley penalty v Wolves

    This is what I was taught at my course. Most arms away from the players side, the player runs the risk of it being a foul. Sfa coaches words not mines
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    Decal vs Embroidery

    I use iron on badges for mines. Not as clean as ordering direct from SFA, same as Alex, the referee would be separate but they’ll definitely do the job.
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    Villa vs Utd

    I highly disagree. I firmly believe the studs on the shin from a downward motion endangers the opponents safety.
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    Only a yellow ?

    As James says, He kicks his shins that hard causing him to flip. Definitely a red for me
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    Villa vs Utd

    I’d be closer to showing Fernandes a red than I would be giving Utd a pen. Yes, yes I know, still photos look worse etc, but I don’t buy that just because the players aren’t expecting a red doesn’t make it a red
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    English Grassroots Return

    Adult guidlines more or less the same
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    Getting Into Refereeing

    Me too man, me too
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    Villa vs Utd

    the studs right on the shin of the defender cements it as a red for me too
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    Villa vs Utd

    Nevermind grassroots if those at the top can’t get it right
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    Villa vs Utd

    on first viewing from the tv cameras I said pen, but then the reply he clearly jumps into the defender. Not a good game for VAR or Moss already