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  1. Jevon Swinscoe

    Your moment of the season

    Mine is gaining my highest average marks on Saturdays. For both the Middle and Lines on two different leagues my average was 83/100
  2. Jevon Swinscoe

    Championship 27/6

    Some of the challenges to me were worthy of a free-kick before the tackle that caused the mele
  3. Jevon Swinscoe

    Leeds V Fulham

    Opinions on the incident in the first 10 minutes? I can see some action being taken
  4. Jevon Swinscoe

    Appointment of not wanted referee

    Then surely the County Association would have to get involved and ask why they all don't want him or her appointed
  5. Jevon Swinscoe

    Matteo Guendouzi will face no further action over Neal Maupay incident

    A clear act of violent conduct used with his hands around the throat. Says it all really
  6. Jevon Swinscoe


    Hi All, I want to start training ready for the start of the new season but I am seriously struggling to motivate myself. What ideas do you have
  7. Jevon Swinscoe

    Promotion Letters Are Out

    Im looking forward to restructuring to be fair. Will be nice to officiate other teams
  8. Jevon Swinscoe

    Velcro/tape badge fixings

    My shirt already has both badges on there
  9. Jevon Swinscoe

    Promotion Letters Are Out

    Congratulations to all that achieved their promotion. I can actually claim I've worked with all of the promoted Nottinghamshire Officials this season.
  10. Jevon Swinscoe


    Ive been refereeing for a few years and despite being told by a quite a few people that have been Level 3 that I should go for it, I have never had the self confidence to do it. But having gone from strength to strength on my games and getting better games from the leagues I now feel that it's...
  11. Jevon Swinscoe

    Linesman side of pitch

    I sometimes do this in pre-season, not only does it allow me a test and to remain aware instead of looking directly at the left-back but it also cuts the level of dissent given by the players because they will look to shout at left back post but will have forgetten by the time they realise they...
  12. Jevon Swinscoe

    Pitchside monitor finally used!

    He only went to look at the monitor so he could tell the players what he had seen along with the VAR. Imagine sending someone off and saying "I've been told I have got to send you off". It would cause carnage
  13. Jevon Swinscoe

    Club AR/parent

    I had this a few weeks back and then I had to ask for him to be removed after he decided to call me a 'f***ing ****'.
  14. Jevon Swinscoe


    Hi Ladies and Gents, Please watch the video and say what you think? Start it at 5 mins and you will see the tackle. At the time I went yellow but now looking feel like I should have gone red.
  15. Jevon Swinscoe

    Competencies for Level 7 Referee Promotions

    Thanks for this, I'm going for 7-6 next season in Notts so this will help and guide me.
  16. Jevon Swinscoe

    Levels I can ref

    Not putting you down by what I put. Its something I always tell youngsters now as its something I did when I first started refereeing.
  17. Jevon Swinscoe

    Levels I can ref

    Walk before you run young sir. Concentrate on improving your game and listen to advice when on the line
  18. Jevon Swinscoe

    Refs Call Buzzers

    Anyone with a set on here? One of my flags are not connecting to The receiver. Can anyone help?
  19. Jevon Swinscoe

    Really really annoyed

    It is on my leagues. If its one of the teams fault then its full fee full expenses
  20. Jevon Swinscoe

    Really really annoyed

    If you turned up without being informed its off surely your entitled to half fee and full expenses