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  1. Jevon Swinscoe

    Leeds V Fulham

    Opinions on the incident in the first 10 minutes? I can see some action being taken
  2. Jevon Swinscoe


    Hi All, I want to start training ready for the start of the new season but I am seriously struggling to motivate myself. What ideas do you have
  3. Jevon Swinscoe


    Hi Ladies and Gents, Please watch the video and say what you think? Start it at 5 mins and you will see the tackle. At the time I went yellow but now looking feel like I should have gone red.
  4. Jevon Swinscoe

    Refs Call Buzzers

    Anyone with a set on here? One of my flags are not connecting to The receiver. Can anyone help?
  5. Jevon Swinscoe

    Free-Kicks within the Penalty Area

    Question for you new refs that popped up on a Local Level 3's Laws of the game exam. Does the Ball on a free-kick have to leave the penalty area? Whether it be in direct or direct