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  1. lincs22

    20-21 Season restart

    The FA issued guidance last week about getting football going. Looks like early Set will be the probable start date - but interestingly, the FA rules out joint travel for match...
  2. lincs22

    How many have thought of doing this?

    Abingdon Town refuse to play after going 8-0 down to rivals Abingdon United -
  3. lincs22

    Referee assault - at least some punishment! The justice system has produced a financial penalty for an assault. Would be interesting to fine out what the CFA did? Possibly had a strong word with him...
  4. lincs22

    Bul v England

    Well, a more interesting start. Potential RC for Henderson And a stunner from Rashford.
  5. lincs22

    The future of refereeing? So, replacing assistants with robots - that means the Russians will win the next world cup ...
  6. lincs22

    Should clubs be fined for supporters behaviour?

    On the BBC website, Stevenage have been fined for sexist comments against a female official. The article seems to be they are moaning about being fined - would a points deduction be more effective?
  7. lincs22

    Is this is what junior football has become?

    Seriously, U11's managers!!!!!!
  8. lincs22

    VAR and Full time referees in Scotland

    Interest article about whether VAR or full time referees would benefit Scottish football more. But I think the best comment is Foreign Refs in Scotland? So, they are recommending no point in developing Scottish referees as we will simply import...
  9. lincs22


    A list of the standard abbreviations used on the forum. Please add to as new ones are discovered. DOGSO - Denial of Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity OFFINABUS - Offensive, Insulting or Abusive language or behaviour Walking a player - sending them off IMO - In My Opinion CFA - County Football...
  10. lincs22

    Sin Bins - Dissent v delay of game

    With the introduction of sin bins at Step 7 and below for dissent next season, an interesting thought has crossed my mind. Currently, it is the same sanction for dissent as delaying the game = caution. Under the rules changes, dissent = sin bin; delaying the game = caution. Situation 1 - first...
  11. lincs22

    A referee getting fed up!

    Though it is egg-chasers, a referee has decided he had had enough. How many had thought to do something similar?
  12. lincs22

    Article in Telegraph about referees and RESPECT

    An article in today's Telegraph about refereeing, assaults, etc. Normal sort of stuff rolled out regularly but no answers being supplied. Culprits have to be dealt with seriously (long bans & heavy...
  13. lincs22

    EFL structure Next it will be no promotion / relegation again!!! Given that Ken Bates for the chief behind the creation of the EPL and owner of Leeds, and he stopped changes. It is all about the...
  14. lincs22

    Players shirts

    A really unusual one at a Step 7 (Supply) match yesterday. Home team in white shirts, black shirts and socks. Away team - light blue and while strips, navy shorts and socks so no clash. Half time - Home team changes to Red shirts, never asking permission from Ref and the shirt numbers were not...
  15. lincs22

    Sin Bins / Delay of game

    It is likely that Sin Bins with be brought in for the 19/20 seasons at levels before Step 7 for dissent, from what has been said by various CFA people recently. If this every for into the Professional game: 1. Do you think that it would be an aid to match control? 2. Would extending it for...
  16. lincs22

    Injuries and Penalty Kicks

    Just a thought from the WC. If a player has left the FOP though injury and it not replaced, where does he stand for taking a penalty kick? Tripper went off for England and the end of the WCSF, and got me thinking would he have to take a kick as one of the 11. We know a dismissed player reduces...
  17. lincs22

    Simulation - WBA defender

    In the WBA v Spurs match, Rose was cautioned for an AA but the WBA player (Nyom) went down like he was punched by David Haye. Anybody think he should have be punished for simulation? Almost as good as Rivaldo and Turkey in the WC.....
  18. lincs22

    ?? where is VAR when you need it ??

    This certainly make Welbeck's dive look amateur. Any guess how many more games this referee will have? 0?
  19. lincs22

    Professional Referees in Scotland?

    On the BBC article, they are calling for full-time referees in Scotland. Given they can't afford Goal line technology, can they afford this? While the clubs will compare their Premiership to the EPL (which they are no where near that standard), should they expect their referees to be of EPL...
  20. lincs22

    A loss to the refereeing community Probably remember for the Di Canio incident at Sheff Wed.