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  1. Ross

    Nottm Forest v QPR

    Cost me 100 quid on my acca that goal being disallowed 🤣
  2. Ross

    Pre match instructions

    Ross submitted a new resource: Pre match instructions - Bobby Madley runs through his pre match instructions Read more about this resource...
  3. Ross

    Bizarre things you notice from matches

    I can count on one hand the amount of 0-0 ive had in 24 years of refereeing
  4. Ross

    Software update looming

  5. Ross

    Software update looming

    So it would appear im actually more amazing than i thought. Push notifications now enabled Should work on google chrome and some android devices but not on iOS unfortunately
  6. Ross

    Software update looming

    If i feel particularly brave, ill upgrade the version of PHP running on the server, this will enable push notifications to your phone, providing you have a compatible device
  7. Ross

    Software update looming

    There are a few new bits and bobs as part of this upgrade, ill leave you to find them all
  8. Ross

    Software update looming

    So I may have accidentally uploaded the files to the live site rather than my test install. Good job it went well really :D
  9. Ross

    Software update looming

    It’s been about 2 years since I performed a software update on here, so I think we’re a bit overdue. I’m not sure yet when I’ll be performing it, gotta do a bit of testing first before I bite the bullet. I’ll be sure to give you some notice though. Wish me luck! Im nervous!
  10. Ross

    What do you use your 2nd watch for?

    It’s there in case my Apple Watch decides to throw a wobbly
  11. Ross

    Arsenal v Sheffield United

    As is this thread! You are welcome to discuss refereeing matters, this is not a fan forum so please don’t try to turn it in to one
  12. Ross

    Sold Refsworld Uniform Holder £10

    Found one of these lying around, as new condition just not in any packaging £10 plus £3.50 postage. Any good to anyone?
  13. Ross

    Umbro referee shirt £10

    I’ve got 2 of these, both xl in size any good to anyone? £10 each plus postage of £3.50
  14. Ross


    What whistle are you using? There are some good YouTube videos teaching the tongue technique. That should help
  15. Ross

    Arse v Chels

    Don’t tempt me 🤣
  16. Ross

    First referring game

    Nerves are natural. I’ve been doing this for 24 years and still get butterflies. Just get there in plenty of time, have a quick run through the laws of the game and smile. You’ll smash it!
  17. Ross

    Merry Christmas to you....

    I’m sure we’ll work together again soon. Hopefully not as eventful as the first time eh @JamesL ?
  18. Ross

    Smart Watch Match Reporting

    The free version works just fine, but I like the big timers and the stats the pro version gives you. i used reflive in the past but just preferred REFSIX.
  19. Ross


    REFSIX is my app of choice at the moment, works a treat please don’t resurrect an old thread, start a new one instead