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    Interesting from IFAB (Handball interpretation)

    My thoughts are firstly, that it's never going to happen. When have you ever seen a player (other than a goalkeeper) score in the opponent's goal from inside their own penalty area? OK, maybe someone will dig up a YouTube video of the only time in history that it's ever happened but in practical...
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    MNC FUL (DOGSO question)

    Was it a foul? Yes. Did the scenario fulfill the DOGSO criteria? Yes. Was the foul in the form of an attempt for the ball? No. It's about as clear a DOGSO red card as you can get. I also don't see how you can call that, "throwing himself to the ground." Yes, he makes sure the referee can see...
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    Northampton vs Derby NO RED CARD

    There's only VAR if the game is played on a Premier League team's ground. Northampton are in the fourth tier of English football.
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    Quick Questions

    As @socal lurker pointed out, there's nothing necessarily wrong with a 'high boot,' especially if there's nobody nearby. If it's the classic scenario of a foot raised in proximity to an opponent (but with no contact), then you have to decide whether it meets the definition of "playing in a...
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    Goal keepers and sin bins.

    Surely that should be, "Do all leagues with sin bins have rolling subs?" According to @RustyRef 's post, no they don't.
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    Sheffield United vs Man City

    And I thought we were saying this wasn't a fan's forum. :rolleyes:
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    Orient v Northampton

    The player was knocked spark out unconscious by a shoulder to the side of the head. It looked so bad that the Middlesbrough medical team were already sprinting onto the field before the referee had blown, according to some reports. It also led to a bit of handbags in the technical area with a...
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    RTFM - why don't the "experts" know or understand the LotG?

    I'm not sure what has led to this particular diatribe and I still often hear things from pundits and commentators that make me want to yell at the TV screen but I would have said that if anything, things have been improving in this regard recently. For instance there was an incident in a game...
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    This exact scenario happened in a Premier League game just recently. I can't remember the teams but a defender was down injured and an attacker, seeing him there, moved forward past the second last upright defender and called for the ball. He received the pass and went on to score. The goal was...
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    Should Liverpool’s 2nd goal against Manchester United have stood?

    I think this is where you got off on the wrong track here. You seem to be proceeding from the assumption that when a referee raises their arm, this is a) "the offside signal" and b) it is what triggers the free kick. However, as @one alluded to earlier, the whistle is what stops play and raising...
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    Liv v Utd

    I don't see that as being the case. The 'six second rule' was introduced in 2000. The first time the laws included a provision about a player not being allowed to challenge a keeper when they're in control of the ball was in 2007. Conceptually, I don't see them as being particularly closely...
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    It depends what kind of 'touch' - was the ball kicked and did it clearly move? Just to be clear, Law 17 specifically says that if the ball is kicked and clearly moves:
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    dissent by word or action

    All the wording in the law about penalising offences talks about them being committed by "a player" - not the team. As far as I'm concerned, if the keeper committed what the referee judges to be an offence, it doesn't matter that the other 10 players didn't. I believe you should penalise the...
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    Caution for player already sent off?

    Apart from his first sentence not making any grammatical sense, he is saying that a player can receive three cautions in the same match (Morelos, the player in question had been sent off for a second yellow). I don't think so. After a sending off, any further misconduct just gets reported as...
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    Caution for player already sent off?

    Is there an official statement in writing from the Scottish FA saying exactly that and using the term 'cautioned', or is it being reported by someone else, that that's what they said? Any links to the actual statement?
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    Enforced substitution?

    I got concussed once (playing rugby, not football as it happens). I still don't remember anything after getting on the plane the night before to fly down for the game but apparently after it happened I was wandering aimlessly around the field in a complete daze, not even following the ball or...
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    Incorrect player names

    Well maybe it's just me but I'd prefer to get the accurate information if I could.
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    Incorrect player names

    The thing is, if the player isn't giving their name because in fact, they aren't registered with the team, and they are someone brought in at the last minute (because of lack of players, for instance) then they may not owe the team any particular allegiance. So telling them about repercussions...
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    True Story...

    We're lucky that someone invented venetian blinds, otherwise it would be curtains for all of us.
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    First referring game

    Really? It's been in the laws document, unaltered since 2007. Do you not read the entire document every year when it comes out? ;)