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    Match control advice

    On the whole, I’ve always been happy with my match control. I’ve never had big incidents on anything boil over to the point of mass confrontations etc but I’m just looking for advice about a game today. 1 red (SFP), 6 yellows and 3 sin bins. The game was tight, ending 2-0 but was full of players...
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    Using the forum as a tool to progress

    This isn't entirely referee related, but more so my experience of this forum in an 'open blog' style way. I've decided to leave the forum (nobody will mind, I didn't highly contribute) but with my personal experiences of this forum, I've felt it's lost it's way. I joined 3 years ago as a new...
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    Fitness test without training

    Due to injury I’ve been unable Tod anything for the last 2/3 months and I’ve my fitness test this Sunday (2600m in 12 minutes). I’ve been fit for just over a week and I’ve done some running in the local area and I’ve been getting there or there abouts. Any tips for on the day to help push my...
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    France v Brazil WWC

    Do the referees have any kind of authority in this tournament? The referee just followed Renard about 30/40 yards, card in hand as Renard walked back to the edge of her area. What ever happened to blowing your whistle and calling a player over rather than following a player like a lost puppy? It...
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    Law change for shootouts at WWC

    Women's World Cup: Rule on encroachment during penalty shootouts suspended Goalkeepers will not receive a booking for encroachment during shootouts. So the law makers are now changing the LOTG half way through a tournament (admittedly you couldn’t...
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    JAM ITA penalty mess

    Penalty awarded through VAR for Italy. Jamaica keeper saves penalty and corner awarded. However, before it’s taken, referee blows the whistle and makes the VAR signal again and awards another penalty (retake) for the keeper coming off their line, yellow card then follows for the keeper...
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    Plymouth v Scunthorpe USB See video from 1:35. I’ve just come back from this relegation battle with Roger East as referee. Keeper struggling for a minute or so after kicking the ball, and when he attempts to put it out of play the Scunthorpe player...
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    Setting a wall

    Do you always give time to defenders to set their wall properly? In yesterday’s game I gave a free kick and I was stood where the kick was to be taken. Defenders threw the ball to the attacker who placed the ball, defenders were already back their yards, I got in position. I waited a few seconds...
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    Made up rules

    What’s your favourite rules which players have thrown at you on the pitch? Today, I sin binned a player for dissent after already calling him and another player in together and asked them to calm down. When I sent him to the sin bin, his response was ‘that’s a joke ref, the rules say you can’t...
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    Worst game to date

    Probably the worst experience to date when it comes to referee. I did a team tonight which could only be described as a pack of animals. There was no technique to keep them quiet. The game ended with 4 bookings, 2 reds and a misconduct to that one side. All bookings were dissent, one red for...
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    6-5 Observation

    Just starting the promotion window for 6-5 and I’ve already been contacted for an observation this weekend. Obviously I’ll be refereeing the game as I normally would, but is there anything different observers look out for as opposed to 7-6?
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    Sunday league fun!

    Yesterdays game, yellow v blue. Cross comes into the box from Yellow after a short corner, yellow attacker in the box offside as he heads the ball wide. FK given, indirect signal shown and I call out for the offside. Goalkeeper grabs a spare ball from the side of the goal drops it at the point...
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    Jordan Pickford Rugby tackle

    He didn’t even get booked, never mind a red!
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    Swansea v Bolton red card I didn’t feel comfortable with the second red card for Bolton (Video from 1:50). Wheater brings attacker down, clear DOGSO however McBurnie gets hold of the ball and runs in on goal, just...
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    Giving offside for blocking line of sight

    I gave an offside today for something I never thought a player would be so stupid to do. Free kick just outside the box for reds. Red attacker then decides to stand about a yard away from the goalkeeper, right in front of him. I expected him to run forward before the kick was taken and assumed...
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    Player drug use

    I went and watched a local game on Saturday as a few mates were playing for them. Chatting to them, they mentioned that there was a rather strong smell of weed from the away changing room. I went back over with them and could smell it as well from outside. This brought the following question to...
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    Brighton v Burnley - messy penalty decisions

    Watch from 5:50 onwards. 2 penalty decisions within a minute of each other - Brighton No penalty. Jeff Hendricks basically catching the ball to gain control. Not sure on the AR’s view but if not unsighted, HAS to spot this! - Straight down the other end, Ashley Barnes rounds the keeper and is...
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    DO you stop for Shoelaces?

    If a ball is out of play and somebody shouts to you because their shoelace is undone, do you give them a few seconds to tie them before the restart or do you play on?
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    Three card trick?

    Had my third observation today where the observer asked me if I was tempted by two yellows for one foul. Red 5 had committed a couple fouls and I called him in, had a chat, final warning. Blues then on the counter, four on three breaking from a defensive corner. 5 trips the ball carrier. I call...
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    Millwall v Rotherham keeper challenge

    I don’t think I need to say much about this challenge on the keeper