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    Wearing of Wedding Rings

    Because if you allow them to tape it up and the tape peels off, they will have jewellery underneath so the problem is still there
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    I found him... LWR!!

    Disagree with that. I've done very little games this season due to work commitments and I'm sure I'm not the only one. People don't like the idea of refereeing as it's a well known fact you won't escape abuse, something which the FA are trying to rectify. But although there is a lack of referees...
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    I can understand the reasoning for trying to stop low level swearing near a junior game but if I'm honest, it'll just open up a can of worms giving a free kick against it. Both last week and next weeks ref won't do it and there's nothing really against it in the laws of the game. It's been...
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    Wearing of Wedding Rings

    That's a key point here. If a player does end up on the receiving end of a significant injury due to a piece of jewellery they were wearing and the FA ask us why we either A) Didn't tell them to remove it or B) Allowed them to put tape on it, what argument do we have?
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    Club Linesman

    As he was a member of the opposite club, the defending team are going to argue it when he's flagging on a consistent basis regardless of whether he was right or not. That's the problem with CAR's really.
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    Wearing of Wedding Rings

    My local league actually emailed out last season due to complaints from the hospital from the number of people coming in from jewellery being caught. I've always been strict on this rule and I always sigh when I see a player wearing a festival wristband which can only been cut off because this...
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    Basham SUFC rescinded Red V Norwich

    Without seeing the other angle mentioned above, I'm baffled about what the clear and obvious threshold is looking at this decision
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    Manc Derby

    My only criticism of AT today was the Rashford pen. I think he should be giving that, it was Stonewall
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    Match control advice

    On the whole, I’ve always been happy with my match control. I’ve never had big incidents on anything boil over to the point of mass confrontations etc but I’m just looking for advice about a game today. 1 red (SFP), 6 yellows and 3 sin bins. The game was tight, ending 2-0 but was full of players...
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    Manc Derby

    I agree but I guess the question is was it clear and obvious? Probably not
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    Manc Derby

    That handball from Fred look a bit suspect. He was making a point of putting his arms behind his back then suddenly move it towards the ball
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    Shelvey goal vs Sheff Utd

    The AR made a mistake but the referee clearly waves it away and doesn’t whistle. There’s different scenarios in which the AR flags quickly or late, but the one consistency is the game stops when the whistle goes. Sheffield and Wilder can blame VAR all they want but they are just trying to use it...
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    Are you putting that through ref?

    I get this all the time from players and unfortunately, I know some refs who don't put them in. They are the real issue which cause players to try their luck.
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    Merseyside Derby

    Slow mo makes that worse. In real time, it’s in no way a pen
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    Pick the bones out of this

    You’ve also got Ref Support UK on there praising him for his contribution on Twitter as well as part of that post. Terrible advice
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    Pick the bones out of this

    And at no stage did he start giving cards for it, he just seems to be pointing them away
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    Pick the bones out of this

    Reason for abandonment?
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    Dissent at half time

    Having read that thread, I still don't have a clue of the answer ....
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    Blades v Man Utd

    We have to look at the Phil Jones factor as well. A player which can approach a motionless ball and manage to fall over it. He's been making average premier league footballers look world class for years
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    New money vs old money

    Play to the whistle. Every man and his dog knows that