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  1. CanuckRef

    Championship referees

    Yeah, his starting position doesn't help him nor does his lack of dynamism. The tackle comes in from a ways out, so he has a lot of notice to accelerate to a better angle if not a more credible proximity. It does, however, look like questions should be asked of AR1 and the fourth official on...
  2. CanuckRef

    Scott Brown tackle

    Looked like a great tackle tbf.
  3. CanuckRef


    I average just under 10 km with my most intense match of the season having been just about 12 km.
  4. CanuckRef

    Endurance Across Many Days

    I have just come back from the U17 National Championships in Canada and while I had a lovely time, my performance overall was incredibly disappointing. In particular, my first three matches went extremely well, my assessments were very good, but my performances got progressively worse over the...
  5. CanuckRef

    Big penalty Boo Boo !!!

    During key match incidents, it is incredibly important to raise your concentration levels to avoid making errors. Most assessors can accept a technical error or a bad habit, but when a KMI is incorrectly done, you can rest assured that the report will not be kind. In this case, you recognized...
  6. CanuckRef

    Failing to Respect the Distance

    Players standing in front of the ball before a free kick or picking up the ball right after a foul called against them is both my pet peeve and a potential flashpoint as the game progresses. It is important to nip it in the bud early on, as if you wait until the 70th minute, you will then be in...
  7. CanuckRef

    Advantage in Penalty Area

    This is exactly what I'm recommending. Great officiating, in this instance at least, from Mr. Oliver.
  8. CanuckRef

    Unannounced Assessment

    The problem being that your focus is affected by the presence of an assessor.
  9. CanuckRef

    Advantage in Penalty Area

    I am also giving two bites at the cherry to a midfielder to pick out a pass when he loses possession within a few seconds of a foul in the midfield. The defenders committed the foul, they have no right to be upset that I am punishing it.
  10. CanuckRef

    Advantage in Penalty Area

    If it is taking forever to complete just blow for the foul. If it takes him more than a few seconds to get set for the shot, there is no advantage there.
  11. CanuckRef

    Advantage in Penalty Area

    Yes that's exactly what I am saying. Wait for the player to shoot and see. If he scores, signal the advantage and then the goal and you look like a hero; he doesn't score and call the PK and it looks normal. While you're at it, keep your whistle out of your mouth until you're ready to blow it.
  12. CanuckRef

    Advantage in Penalty Area

    Instead of playing advantage (in the arms up, shouting out sense), why not just quietly let play progress for two seconds and then make your decision?
  13. CanuckRef

    Was it really Violent Conduct?

    Even if he wasn't already on a caution, I would walk him. It is OFFINABUS, not AA. AA is more like squaring up, shoulders back etc.
  14. CanuckRef

    Think I missed a mandatory caution

    That may be helpful with the player(s) in the immediate vicinity, but I don't know that it is going to have the desired effect on the technical areas, people in the stands, and the folks watching from home. In this case, I think you either caution the player or do nothing and, later, give him a...
  15. CanuckRef

    Scousers V Foxes

    I think the correct decision here is to give nothing. Contact does not cause the fall, is minimal, and is an expected part of the game. It is normal context, not unfair contact. Still, there is some, slight contact so not completely a dive either.
  16. CanuckRef

    Scousers V Foxes

    Foul contact was made. That's a foul. Of course Mane goes over like a sack of bricks and tries to sell the call, but that doesn't change the fact.
  17. CanuckRef

    Advantage: 'Play on!'

    The reason that it is better to use the actual word advantage is because it lets everyone know you've seen the foul, but there is a reason to keep playing. Just shouting "keep going" or "play on" could indicate to the players that you do not believe a foul has occured or that you see their...
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    I am not really sure I fully understand what is happening here but we should remember that with finite resources, an organization must choose where those resources go. The USSF has a mandate to try to develop the game to the highest level possible to give the senior MNT the best opportunity to...
  19. CanuckRef

    Identifying dissent with hearing loss

    If a player dissents but the ref is deaf, does the player make a sound?