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  1. Ross

    Resource update request.

    Try now
  2. Ross

    Writing in the rain
  3. Ross

    Sin Bin Match Pad

    What format is it in?
  4. Ross

    Writing on Cards

    I’ll let you know when they arrive
  5. Ross

    Writing on Cards

    Well have some by the end of the week
  6. Ross

    England v Nederland

    When you’ve quite finished gents. If you want to continue your conversation please do so in private.
  7. Ross

    Anyone want a freebie?

    Send me your address in a pm and it’s yours
  8. Ross

    UEFA Referee Kits

    Must admit i was quite tempted til i saw that ridiculous price
  9. Ross

    Anyone want a freebie?

    Mainly aimed at those that observe, got it sat here doing nothing If its any good to anyone just let me know
  10. Ross

    tournament fees

    Some tournaments I’ve done in the past I was lucky if I got a bottle of water. Going rate as far as I’m aware is anything between £15-£30 for the day plus being fed and watered
  11. Ross

    New kit suggestions

    I’ve got the Adidas kit that was used in uefa competitions. Can’t fault it. Think kitlocker sell it
  12. Ross

    Sin bins

    Having used sin bins for the past 2 seasons, I’ve yet to have more than one player in there at any one time.
  13. Ross

    Registering on this site when not in England

    The levels on the registration form aren’t mandatory so can be left blank
  14. Ross

    Utd v Chelsea

    Not quite sure Anthony Taylor would agree considering Martin Atkinson is in charge of this one 😝
  15. Ross

    Run Tracker whilst refereeing

    Apple Watch with REFSIX. Don’t write in a notebook anymore.
  16. Ross

    I see a red door and I wanna paint it black

    Little bit bored if this nonsense now chaps. Either act like adults and just avoid each other or I can force that on you by giving you a holiday. Simple really.
  17. Ross

    Teamsheets...what’s the dance?

    Haven’t been given a team sheet for a good couple of years now. Only time I see them is if I do a line on a higher league
  18. Ross

    Busy one for the referee today

    Concentration needed at all times, conditions didn’t make it easy. Of course we did our best to ruin the game for everyone today :p
  19. Ross

    Busy one for the referee today

    Busy one for the man in the middle today. A superb performance in not the best conditions today. Well done @JamesL, look forward to working with you again
  20. Ross

    Roger East - Bournemouth v Wolves

    Handball was blind side and the assistant was looking through a wall of players. They had no chance of seeing it