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    Moved to Bristol

    That would be very handy if you could send me their details. Likewise, would you mind sending me the details. I'm based in north Bristol so I don't really think Somerset would be the best FA to go with. TIA
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    Moved to Bristol

    I've always preferred cider anyway. What I don't prefer are the prices :(
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    Moved to Bristol

    Can't wait, after being Newcastle for Uni for the last four years it'll be nice to hear a new accent.
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    Moved to Bristol

    Thought so, sent an email a few days ago but not heard anything back yet, will give it a few more days and then ring if nothing, cheers.
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    Moved to Bristol

    Moved down to Bristol about a month ago ready to start work in September, quick question, which County FA is responsible for Bristol? I'm trying to find some leagues to get involved with... unless anyone here can give me contact details of any? I'm looking for Saturday league where I can do the...
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    Stupid Things Players Say

    *15 Minutes left* Blue Player: How long left ref? Me: 15 + Stoppage *5 Minutes left* Same Blue Player: How long to go? Me: 5 + Stoppage Blue Player: WHAT?!?! YOU SAID THERE WAS 15, 10 MINUTES AGO! HOW? Me: :wall::wall::wall:
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    Brazil v Belgium

    But surely you should look at each incident independent of anything else that has happened? And this should be easier in the VOR rather than on the pitch because you don't have players trying to influence you. A penalty is still a penalty regardless of what has happened beforehand? (Personally...
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    Brazil v Belgium

    I'd say Courtouis after the saves he's made!
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    What's the restart?

    After looking it up I would say from where the trick was attempted since it is the outfield player you're cautioning.
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    What's the restart?

    Okay, so I was reading through the LotG ready for the start of the new season and came across something that got me thinking. Law 12 - Section 3 - Disciplinary Action Cautions for Unsporting Behaivour There are different circumstances when a player must be cautioned for unsporting behaviour...
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    What to do on World Cup breaks?

    I'm reading Howard Webb's auto-biography. Boredom really has gotten the better of me.
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    Reminds me of Suarez did 8 years ago, handles the ball on the line and the penalty doesn't get scored. Will be interesting to see how it ends now.
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    Direct promotion route for A/R’s

    They ask a fan
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    Nigeria v Argentina

    Seen them given, but would have been harsh imo
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    Ronaldo v Morocco

    ...and now a a free kick to Portugal for something very similar