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    That’s what I thought. Tackles from behind are so risky because of less protection and ‘weak spots’.
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    What a horrible injury. Now I am not questioning the red card, but this shows exactly why tackles from behind are so dangerous. Really hope Elliot gets better soon - the worst part of the game!
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    Yellow or red?

    This is a tough one for me. It is definitely reckless and I think the ball is there to be won, but it seems that the bounce is greater than she thought it would be. Nevertheless - it has to be a red! Could do serious injury.
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    “He need better glasses”

    Wow - I didn't even think of this when I was reading it, but it has to be, yes. What sub-category would it come under do you recon?
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    Abusive language and dissent

    A little bit concerned as I’ve already had 3 reds and 8 yellows in two league games…. Hopefully the players will settle back into things - discipline seems to have taken a bit of a nosedive!
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    Abusive language and dissent

    You have hit the nail on the head there.
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    Abusive language and dissent

    I had one off for S6 yesterday towards an opponent. Grotesque language with an extraordinary report to go with it. If it isn’t dealt with, it will never improve.
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    Wolves v MU

    Wolves fan here... I held off commenting for a while, as there is obviously a level of bias. However, I can forgive MD for not seeing it as I think he was blindsighted for the actual contact, but VAR, disappointing. Bit baffled about the lack of a FK for the goal, although at the time I wasn't...
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    Boot recommendation

    Sports Direct: Adidas Copa Mondial Sports Direct: Kaiser 5 @QuaverRef
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    2nd Game in (Friendly)

    Well done mate. I have a rule (that I generally stick to). If a player says "you are a..." - 9 times out of 10 I am going into my pocket (this includes f*** off comments too). As soon as they make a personal comment about me or actively argues a decision and crosses the line from frustration...
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    Kit Supplier Suggestions

    Absolutely agree. The embroidered doesn't look good after a few washes, whereas the DECAL still looks crisp. I use - their delivery time isn't the best, but the quality of the DECAL is really good. A shame that A&H no longer does Nike stuff - hopefully this...
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    New Referee - Weight

    Eat out to help out :)
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    4 player fight not reported and they were replaced!

    I always put in my cards and I know many don't for friendlies. I can just about forgive the occasional caution, but ignoring 4x VC is just beyond shocking. If players want referees, they need to understand that the game will be officiated in line with the laws of the game. I make it clear that...
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    Cards during a friendly

    Agree with many of you here - cards are there for a reason, and if it warrants a RC or YC, it is given. I had 1 RC and 2YCs this weekend (overall in two games). One for DOGSO and two dodgy tackles. They all go into county - for the exact reason mentioned above - if CFA finds out, you are in big...
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    Was refereeing kids football

    An U14s manager said to me last season - "I think you gave them a lot more freekicks than we did" "Yes, I think I did too" "Why then?" "Because you did more fouls than they did" Discussion over.