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    Euro 2021 - Turkey Vs Italy

    It must have been, at the next corner he gestured for him to be on the field of play so the player stood on the line
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    Villa v Blades

    Shouldn’t the assistant have been on the goal line in this instance? Surely he should always have a view in case technology breaks down
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    My reports

    I’d say it’s nothing to worry about joe, they’ve received a couple of reports from you so they’re going to offer you some support to see how you can develop going forward
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    Another day at the Zoo!

    I'm not sure what leagues your officiating on but the ones I'm on aren't any worse than previous seasons. It may help if you start working as an assistant so you can learn from the rest of the team your working with
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    Another day at the Zoo!

    Hi Joe, having read through this thread I agree that this can’t keep happening and that something must be wrong for this to be a weekly occurrence. I believe your with Northumberland FA like myself, is there anything you need help with? Or any support me or any of our colleagues in...
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    Caution a player from either side

    Hi guys, Just after a little clarification of something that happened in my game today. An attack was developing around the half way line when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that 2 players (from opposite sides) were pushing each other for some reason. I stopped play and spoke to them both...