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    Referee Retention - Open Letter

    Ah the petrol panic buying is ridiculous, people really are... :wall:
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    Isn't it great when EVERYONE agrees with you ...

    Oops. I snapped back at a player the other day. He was shouting 'make the decision for eff's sake' and I snapped back 'I have, now behave', and then I realised he was shouting at his defender who dallied, lost the ball and conceded the free-kick in the resultant challenge because he didn't make...
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    Youth football DOGSO

    More like he's ruining it for them by not giving them the proper education on the game. No doubt, he'll also be filtering his nonsense to the players and their parents, hence fostering a hostile attitude to 'idiot' refs who 'spoil the game' for everyone. As to the question; Yes, apply the LOTG...
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    West Ham v Utd

    I understand that the PR guys say that number 1 should have been given as a penalty. I'm inclined to agree, I think you can make the case for all three being penalty offences, though personally I'd only be giving it for the first and maybe the third.
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    Stoke City v Barnsley

    His card count is almost as high as mine. :hmmm::rolleyes:
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    defenders pushing in the penalty area

    It's just judging where the line is basically. If you're a strict referee, that line is barely going to move anyway, so you will be consistent. But basically put it this way; Something is a free-kick at the 1st minute, but at the 11th minute, that incident can be an easy 'play on/advantage' and...
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    Tattoos In Football

    We are trying to eradicate the stigma of tattoos in the police, but it's a bit of a job. It'll get done in the next twenty or so years I suppose.
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    Southampton Penalty

    I watched it when it popped up online, and I thought it wasn't a penalty. If I saw that situation live, I think I would have enough doubt to not give it, depending on the angle I'm seeing it at ofc.
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    Advice on handling interactions with players

    Oh, absolutely, I wouldn't have stuck around as long as I have otherwise. :)
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    Advice on handling interactions with players

    Or they don't care what you say anyway. The other night I had a situation in the box, a player did a roulette turn (fancy!) and went down under a challenge. I was no more than a few yards away, right on top of it, perfect angle. From my point of view, he spun around and his trailing leg (not...
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    Well that’s a wrap

    Nope. I've seen the same thing, some people are calling every handling of the ball because it is just easier, but it isn't the right application of the law. It has filtered to the players as well. I'm seeing huge appeals for handling when the ball just clips the hand even if the hand is on the...
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    Very frustrated

    Oh, I know the feeling. I had a reasonably high tier League game this Sunday, which would be my first on that league this season. Got assigned a higher tier Cup match, so had to withdraw due to the tier rules. The following day after accepting the fixture, one of the teams in the cup match...
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    Should I report?

    I would at least ask the question informally. I would have thought they would inform the league as a matter of safety anyway and because it would have a potential affect on the following fixture, changing rooms and so on, so then the league would have informed you since you came into contact etc.
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    Cutting the Grass

    It looks even more comical because of the delay IMO. I disagree with the suggestion that you do 'nothing', especially when you're in a situation where there's a crowd, because you cannot just rely on verbal's to get the message across. Signals can help communicate the decision, so a 'cut the...
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    Tattoos In Football

    Christ, what a ridiculous comment, I would have kicked up a fuss over that. :mute: