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    Dream I keep having

    Both happen to me from time to time, usually few nights before important games. One dream I also keep having is that I do something really stupid during my game. For example in one dream I was an AR and just randomly went to sit on the stands, until I suddenly realized that I'm in completely...
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    Teaching materials.

    UEFA RAP is a good one. You can find and download it on
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    From the MLS

    1. No pen for me, too little contact, and as been said the fall looks unnatural 2. Onside, delibrate play by the defender 3. Yc is IMO supportable as the contact is minimal, but I would be ok with red as well.
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    U20 Game

    Well, I had a quite challenging match yesterday. White team sitting at second last on the table with only one point and having just lost a game few days ago 18-0 (Yep that actually happened). Blue team somewhere on mid-table (5th-6th place). First half went without any major situations, two...
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    Abandonment because of a coach being violent towards me

    Surely works in the lover levels, but in the higher levels surely not. And I don't see a point of doing this, most of the time players understand to kick the ball to the opponents, and if they don't, it's not your problem.
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    Abandonment because of a coach being violent towards me

    Firstly sorry to hear about what happened to you. Secondly that sounds like you orchestrated a restart, which A) isn't allowed in lotg and B) may cause some problems if the player refuses to do as you told. So I'd avoid doing that in the future, especially in a seemingly heated and unsporting...
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    Line or middle?

    I agree with @GraemeS here, as an assistant you will most probably have few "quieter" moments where nothing happens, and as a ref you really don't. Also at least I seem to run little less when on the line.
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    DOGSO/Advantage/Mistaken Identity

    Watched that few days ago and I still don't have any words. Simply horrendous, should not happen at that level.
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    Attacking Free Kicks

    When I've set up the wall I usually walk in front of the players, point with my hands towards them and say something along the lines of: "Guys, we're in the box, so keep your hands down". Accompanied with moving my hands down. And as a good tip: never set the wall up on the lines of the pa. If...
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    How vocal are you?

    I'm quiet, too quiet, but trying to work on speaking to players more. My communication is pretty much happening only when A) asked (like: "what was that for, ref?" "careless tackle", etc.) or B) when giving a verbal warning/talking to to a player ("Far too much force on that tackle, no more of...
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    Use common sense. I'd allow that unless the hats have something sticking out of them
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    Good quality flags

    I use the "Quadro I" by B&D. They cost around 40€, but sure are worth the money. And of course, if you are using CARs, the cheap foam ones will do just fine.
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    Happy Christmas to one and all...👍

    Three week ban incoming?
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    Inappropriate Advertising

    I think the ads are based on your google (?) search history;)
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    U9s game.

    Why didn't you stop play the first time the player did it? I understand not giving ifk, if you take action and explain to the player that it is not allowed (and next time you will give ifk), but turning a blind eye to that twice and then stopping play is only causing confusion in their little minds