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    Club Marks

    Not sure if this is the write part to put this so apologies. In relation to club marks can anyone advise on how to maximise the chance of getting good club marks I have had a decent season with 3 assessments all getting very good marks yet I dipped on club marks. I can probably tell you...
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    Open Age Cup Final

    I have a cup final in the west riding FA area as an assistant Can anyone assist with what tie to wear and where can I get one?
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    I don't necessarily mean quicker I still take my time taking all details but just found it lessens the amount of moaning from the player involved. And the usual turning away or walking off etc
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    Explaining to players

    I personally will try to explain a decision if required in order to placate the player/s involved Whilst of course not explaining every decision I find that sometimes a simple 'I didn't see it so I can't give it' or 'from my angle' etc I find a lot of players accept this and respect you more...
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    Just like to know if anyone else has tried this. When issuing a yellow card I found that when you call the player over they don't seem to take much notice or won't shut up moaning about being called over In my last game i produced the yellow card immediately and then asked for details, this...