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    For Sale Like New - Set of Ervocom Flags

    Selling on Ebay - Used in a small number of matches, fully functioning, as they were when they came out of the package! Only selling as I have access to a comparable set through my league and association. Sale...
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    Using your yellow card without actually using it

    Yeah this is terrible... When there's a language barrier (this game looks like an international) I've had assessors note pointing to the pocket is a good demonstration of escalating your warnings, but pulling it out is a recipe for disaster. I've seen red and yellow whistles confuse people...
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    The constant noise of players opinions - a Psychological diagnosis

    Came here to make that point haha! I know a few sunday league teams that would give any U21s a run for their money
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Kepa vs Sarri: when a player refuses to leave

    Great analysis as always, thought Jon Moss did a great job of resuming play as quickly as possible
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    Player drug use

    It's just become legal here in Canada, a few leagues have sent directives on the upcoming season regarding spectator consumption, but nothing in there about the players. Be interesting to see if the post match cans in the car park extends to this as well!
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    First game

    Enjoy it! Remember players at that age have short memories, if you're confident in your decisions and show it with your body language the rest will fall into place.
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    Neymar charged

    Good on UEFA, rare I can say that.