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    Flick and head back at goal kick

    A consequence of the law change in which goal kicks do not have to leave the penalty area. Before that, the offence was a player attempting to circumvent the law by flicking the ball up to play to the goalkeeper rather than kick it to him. Seems this is aimed at bringing in line with the goal...
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    Up to the club, not the kit provider, to say what they need.
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    To avoid all this nonsense, why don't clubs provide long-sleeved shirts as well as short-sleeved?
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    Leeds Burnley

    Your statement is accurate, of course . . . but did the attacker commit any of the direct free kick offences? Did he initiate any contact with the goalkeeper? As his eyes were on the ball throughout, my view is "No" . . . contact came from the goalkeeper's leap.
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    Leeds Burnley

    Law 12 states: A goalkeeper is considered to be in control of the ball with the hand(s) when: the ball is between the hands or between the hand and any surface (e.g. ground, own body) or by touching it with any part of the hands or arms, except if the ball rebounds from the goalkeeper or the...
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    Change of Goalkeepers at half time – u14 match

    An e-mail to the competition secretary is needed, just to confirm the change of keeper at half time. Further action is unlikely, apart from a bit of advice to the club. This law has remained unchanged for decades, and is designed to tell the referee "No disciplinary action needed, but do advise...
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    Progression without moving up the levels

    One possibility is aiming to go from 7 to 5 in one season - you have to referee lots of games but it resolves your initial issue. Details are available from your County FA.
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    Fulham v Liverpool

    Having seen it from several angles, my opinion is that the defender played only the ball, then the attacker lost his balance and fell onto the defender . . . corner kick for me.
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    Leeds v WHU

    The Premier League announced in the summer that encroachment would only be considered if there was an effect on the outcome of the penalty kick. PL rule rather than LOTG.
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    9v9 goal kicks

    The FA Guide to Pitch sizes shows both a goal area and penalty area, but I've seen some without the goal area.
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    It is good practice to brief the replacement AR before he starts his stint. Sometimes the club know who is going to take over during the match so you can brief them all before k.o. If not, take a half minute to brief the new AR when he takes over (keep the rest of the players in view when doing...
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    Level 5-4 laws of the game

    Fair comment. Your CFA will have their own rules . . . Good luck!
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    Level 5-4 laws of the game

    Different questions.
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    It was nice while it lasted...

    I am confused by the catering situation in those grounds able to reopen. "Takeaway" is being defined as "Can only be consumed away from the stadium". This will be a deciding point re possible profit as to whether clubs re-open, and seems odd - if you buy food at a takeaway in a shopping centre...
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 13 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

    Every regular on here should get 5/5 this week after weeks of picking the handball law and interpretation to bits!