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    Ecuador v England

    That photo looks like he studed the player... real view showed he cliped the ball slightly followed through between the players legs :P yellow for a reckless challenge and the red was an obvious one
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    Liverpool vs newcastle

    Dowd actually issued 2 yellow cards... First for dissent and second for well dissent again !! Wasnt foul and abusive from what shola said to me, thats why he can't appeal itas it was 2 yellows not a straight red :P
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    Quick free kick

    Emm ok I try and rephrase that :P Green player is fouled while on counter attackin center circle, his team mate grabs ball puts it down and looks to try and play a quick freekick, blue player now defending see that he wants to take the kick, so the blue player steps over the ball and effectively...
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    Quick free kick

    Situation in cup final earlier today... free kick centre circle, player stands over ball and bounces about between ball and the player who has spotted a great opportunity for a quick kick... player goes to try kick is blocked slightly loses temper and decides to try and smack the ball as hard as...
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    Northumberland :) having a ra conference style day at st james's park with several diffrent officials including an assessor a linesman ref and a few others ! :) gona be a great day !!
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    Jose praising officials???

    It may be funny to know that a charge message was sent to head of discipline at fa within 45 seconds of the interview being aired.... and an official charge sent to club 45 mins later for his comments...
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    Chris Foy

    After watching replay he got penalty spot on.. shame about most other decisions he made....
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    Chris Foy

    Either that or someone else backstage but looked to be wearing a suit with a refs jacket give to him on top of his smart wear
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    Chris Foy

    Think it was fa rep ?.
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    Chris Foy

    Anthony taylor :)
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    Chris Foy

    In real time it looked likea tangle in box but ball seemed to be touched before player but havent seen replays :) and taylor seemed to like rugby if im honest he missed several fouls to both teams where players basically rugby tackeled eachother and then gave stupidly soft ones away when they...
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    Chris Foy

    Its a big shame he went off... he is much better ref than the replacement !!
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    Chris Foy

    His delayed reaction was what made it so funny :D
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    Double jump

    Sounds complicated... my county is much more simple... 15 games same as a standard promotion but with 5 assessments not 3, better scores needed about 75+ and as many games as possible as more games makes you look better when they decide later next year :) oh and exams are very easy all multiple...
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    City v Southampton

    In the linesmans defence..his words were that he though it had been knocked by Southampton player, oh and that "s**t happens" :)